Finding Creative Talent in the Game Industry

Finding Creative Talent in the Game Industry

The gaming industry is constantly changing. This can make it difficult for both up and coming designers and developer to find the right team or studio to grow their talent with.

Admittedly, a lot of us in the gaming market also have a hard time sourcing for first-rate talent that shares our vision to build high quality, compelling and addictive games. It could be that many would-be candidates are not coming into the workforce with the pre-requisite skills and knowledge necessary to work in the gaming industry.

Even then, there is a growing number of employers looking to fill up mobile app development positions in their studios all over the world. At Khaxe Studios, we are always on the lookout for highly talented developers, designers and artists with the right skills, expertise and experience. We are also keen to nature talent in young and upcoming developers who will contribute to our vision of creating the best games for our players and clients.

Different studios have different methods of sourcing for top talent. Some will attract their talent by pitching large projects done by large teams, while others will draw in their best designers and developers by promising smaller, more intimate projects.

At Khaxe Studios, our vision is to attract high-flying developers by offering an environment that encourages creativity, artistry and uniqueness. Sometimes, our teams may be as large as 30 people; at other times they might be as small and intimate as just five people who work for a year or two on a project.

In addition to offering game developers the chance to work in small, and more fulfilling teams, we also offer you the opportunity to influence the technologies that support the games. This does not mean that we never work on big budget projects. We are just committed to attracting the best talent by offering them an opportunity to be part of projects where they have greater control. Also, we know that even the best developers are not pumped up by the prospects of being caught up in projects that spun three or four years.

Our approach to netting the most creative minds in the industry is offering developers the opportunity to influence the cause of the products that we build and launch. Our developers work in close contact with other teams including the designers, the art directors and the project managers to ensure unanimity and a cooperative working environment.

At Khaxe Studios, we have adopted an iterative approach to the technologies we use to build these games. We encourage team work to not only ensure that everyone feels like part of the family; but also to deliver highly functional end product to the client. At the end of the day, the creative minds that end up joining our teams feel energized about working at our studios and in turn the services we offer our clients become better and better.

At Khaxe Studios, we’ve got what it takes to build games and apps that guarantee seamless user experience, functionality and first rate design. We are sourcing for people who have serious skills for the modern gaming industry and are obsessed about quality products.