Mobile Game Production: Modeling Your Ideas to Fruition

Our mobile games are designed, developed, and produced specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

Our production team is supported by extensive creativity and solid technical expertise to deliver innovative and captivating gaming solutions for different mobile platforms.

The iOS offers a great platform for creating mobile games for the iPad and iPhone. The potential for increasing revenue from mobile games built for the iOS is set to continue growing as both the operating system and the mobile devices become better and better. At the same time, the Android platform is also immensely popular as it powers more than 80 percent of all smartphones and tablets globally. Games are the most downloaded apps on Google Play, making Android-specific games an equally lucrative source of revenue.

As a full service game studio, Khaxe Studios covers all aspects of the production process including prototyping, establishing suitable technology architecture, developing a seamless user interface design as well as product testing. Our production process not only seeks to merge our clients’ needs with the intricate game themes; the production team also works side by side with the developers and the graphics team to deliver the game of your dreams, just like you had envisioned it. From the design to the programming phase, our production team converts design frameworks into awesome games with amazing graphics and seamless user experience.

All your projects will be led by the production manager, our game production team fully understands the intricacies of the iOS and Android platforms. We are also proficient with the related technological architecture including iPhone SDK, WebKit Programming, Cocoa Touch, Open AL, Core Graphics API, Core Location Framework, Interface Builder and Core Animation.

The Khaxe Studios production team is also experienced in the lithe and complex Android platform. We understand that the production process for Android games is quite different from producing for other platforms. This is why it is important to work with professionals who truly understand the nuances and differences of each mobile game platform. Our production team is highly skilled at working with Android Software Development Kit, Android Media APIs, and the Android Security Architecture, among other technological production tools.

If you are looking to develop and produce a mobile game for the Android platform, we can help bring your ideas to fruition. Our goal is to help you produce beautiful games, backed with a seamless interface design, and a rich user experience.

Along with game production, we are also able to help with the appropriate marketing support, which you require to promote and distribute your games. We go an extra mile to develop games for advertisement and branding purposes to help our clients take their brands to the next level.

At Khaxe Studios, the quality of the product is as important as the design and development process. We always ensure that the end product is not only scalable, but also meets the goals and vision of the client. Along with constant quality assurance and monitoring during the production process, we also guarantee consistent customer support throughout design, development and production funnel.