Mobile Game Art and Design: Bringing Characters to Life

When it comes to developing a mobile game, an idea that sounds compelling on paper may not be so great when the game is played. Yet, the ideas that you dismiss, or those that look like they cannot work, sometimes pan out brilliantly once the game is put into action.

At Khaxe Studios, we adopt an iterative approach to game design. This entails comprehensively testing games to help us keep what we need and to cut out what needs to go. This unique process helps us create innovative and fun products that continuously engage the player.

Think about it: what is a storyline without beautiful visuals that carry you to a magical place just by the slide of a finger? We are proud to have a team of game design experts who can bring the characters in your story to life. With a team of designers brimming with all-round expertise in 3D photorealism rendering, 2D art forms, animation and modeling, we are able to infuse each game with an unforgettable distinctiveness. Our familiarity with game design tools such as 3D Studio Max, Unity 3D, Cocos2D-X and Maya is as elaborate as our paper and pen design skills. This way, we are able to create and develop games that are suited to your own specific needs.

As a leading indie game design and development studio, our designers have extensive expertise in creating games from major platforms including iOS and Android mobile platforms, web and desktop. Using a multivariate storyboard concept, our designers develop different settings, props, and characters to enliven your game. This approach guarantees seamless project implementation, cost effectiveness, and timeliness without compromising on the aesthetic look and quality of the end product.

At Khaxe Studios, our design production process allows each artist involved to review the product quality at each stage of the process. We are keen to understand our client’s needs to ensure that we deliver visually attractive and compelling games. Our design team works hand in hand with the client to help you conceptualize settings, user interface designs, visualize environments and to develop characters that meet your initial vision for the game you are looking to produce.

Game design certainly requires specialized creativity that is not easily available. A good game requires a balanced combination of design, development, and creativity. As part of the game creation process, Khaxe Studios is also able to help with development and programming. Our skilled developers are familiar with relevant software for mobile games including WAP, JSP, ASP, ASP, J2ME, and Visual C++. We are also conversant with graphic design software such as Freehand, Macromedia Fireworks, and Adobe Photoshop.

Our game design processes and services include:

• Development of a story or narrative for the game
• Creation of game storyboards
• Development and design of characters
• Creation of game setting/environment
• 3D modeling and texturing
• Production of game design documentation
• Marketing and promotion of game

It’s not just our developers who are familiar with leading game engines. Our teams of art designers are also conversant with the top engines including Unity and Unreal. This allows us to deliver a fully integrated and robust gaming experience that matches up to the standards of the engines’ mobile version platforms.