Professional Game Development Services

The ever-growing penetration of smartphones has substantially transformed the mobile landscape and has seen the rise in popularity of mobile gaming. Although mobile games were inspired by and evolved from old-school video games, they are quite different from the modern game design and development process.

Designing and developing compelling games that users love requires a deep ability to tell a story, coupled with creativity and technical expertise. Khaxe Studios is one of the most progressive mobile game development companies. We have a team of designers, developers, and program managers who merge the elements of technology, creativity, and designs into each game we build.

Mobile Game Development for iOS and Android

The process of developing a game is not just about throwing in code here and there and coming up with flashy renders. While a knack for storytelling is important, it is also not the only aspect that goes into developing a mobile game. Beautiful characters, storytelling, coding, rendering, and much more…all these are crucial to the game development process.

At Khaxe Studios, we understand that developing an unforgettable game needs more than just technical expertise or shiny graphics. It requires superior skills at everything including framework development, quality assurance, video production, analytics, localization, and marketing.

Mobile game development is quite different from the typical app development process. We merge technology, imagination, and creativity to bring out the best user experience for mobile, which is increasingly the most preferred platform for gaming. We develop visually attractive and addictive games that can engage users for a long time. The games developed at Khaxe Studios espouse a superior code framework supported by a mobile friendly design that encourages continuous user engagement.

Our game development team has broad expertise in 3D and 2D engines including Unreal, Unity, Box2D, and Cocos2D, but we also develop our in-house game engines as well. If you are looking for a 3D game that is visually attractive and offers greater vertices across mobile devices then your projects are in safe hands as that is exactly where we come in with our expertise —we are able to code up a customized mobile game engine for your specific project.

We have wide-ranging experience and expertise developing captivating mobile games for iOS and Android. Our development process is focused on user experience, seamless performance, simplicity with code, while adjusting to the standards of your targeted operating system.
We are completely comfortable with cross-platform synchronization, as we have created many games that adjust to the specificities of each platform the game is published for. In fact, cross-platform game development is among the most cost-effective gaming solutions, as it allows us to reach a mass audience across different platforms. This approach vertically minimizes overhead costs and makes the game development and design process more accessible to up and coming brands as well as established clientele.

With over 200 games developed for both iOS and Android, we bring a proven track record of success in mobile game development. We are excited to work with clients and brands to turn their ideas and storylines into visually appealing and unforgettable games.