Custom Mobile Application Development 

Mobile applications have now becoming important for branding and establishing credibility for businesses. Custom app solutions allow you to create a deeper and more engaging connection with your customers. However, developing these bespoke applications is significantly different from developing applications for desktops.

If you still have not made up your mind over whether you should finally build a mobile app, think about this:

More than 60% of all phones sold globally are smartphones

The number of tablets and smart mobile devices sold continues to double each year

Over 80% of downloads on the iOS and Android platforms comprmise of game downloads netting millions of dollars per tears year

Your customers are seven times more likely to engage with you on a mobile device. This makes mobile the fastest growing industry in the history of communication.

81% of businesses in the US and UK are planning to build a mobile app or game in the next 12 months.

At Khaxe Studios, we live, breath and design customized apps to meet the diverse needs of our clients. In designing games for the iOS and Android platforms, we ensure that both the data access and the interface for each game we develop is tailored to the standards of a specific mobile platform. We have extensive experience developing custom gaming solutions for multiple platforms.

Most of our clients present us with just the basic functional requirements of what they need their game to look like. Then, our mobile development team ingrates the nitty-gritty of app customization including 3D animation, communication protocols, graphic design and user interface to develop high quality bespoke solutions.

As part of the development and production process, our client’s work with a dedicated project manager to develop a project structure that satisfies their requirements. We are keen to keep our clients constantly updated on the progress of the project. Our agile approach to the development of custom game solutions ensure that we test an application throughout the product development process.

As a leading provider of custom solution, we build mobile games for different uses including food guide applications, workout apps, personal finance apps, educational apps, even dating. These are just some of the few categories of applications our clients have asked as to develop. Our teams of developers have the expertise, knowledge and creativity necessary to build apps that satisfy your specific requirements. At the end of it all, we strive to design games that are interactive, user-friendly and engaging to the end users.

At Khaxe Studios, all our products are built from a deep understanding of modern technologies. Our underlying commitment is not just to design and develop applications; we are here to help brands compete in the marketplace. As such, we build custom applications that help you stand apart from the crowd of generic applications that can limit your chances of success in a highly competitive market.

Our cross-platform, custom solutions are built from the ground up to ensure that we take care of the goals and visions of the client.