Bespoke App Development

Leveraging and dominating the market requires that you stay ahead of the competition. Integrating bespoke apps into your sales and marketing mix can help you with this goal.

While off-the shelf applications or software are built to meet the needs of a large and sometimes generic group of people, bespoke applications are customized to satisfy specific requirements of an organization. Every business is different, making it difficult to find an off-shelf application that satisfies the exact requirements of your organization. As such, a bespoke application could be the best solution.

Contrary to popular belief, customized software solutions do not have to be complex and costly. They can be simple solutions that help achieve your business needs. When it comes to such customized solutions you have the freedom to determine how the app will look and function. Admittedly, a bespoke application is typically costlier than a generic one. However, a solution that is well designed and offers seamless functionality will quickly pay for itself.

At Khaxe Studios, we take an iterative approach to the development of custom applications. It is not always possible to know how an application will be used and the exact features it will require, at the beginning of the project. This is because users’ needs may change over time, as they get clearer and clearer about the type of app they require and the specific function the app needs to fulfill. As you might imagine, a rigid approach to app development makes it both expensive and difficult to adjust to the users’ changing needs.
Our iterative approach entails simplifying the client’s requirements and creating a prototype that will act as a guiding framework for the design and development of the actual app. We then gradually add in new features as we continue to design the application, allowing the end user (you or your staff) to continually put the application in to use. Our agile approach ensures that the application is able to adjust to changing needs.

To deliver a high quality bespoke applications, we fully involve the client in the initial conceptualization phase to the final production phase. During conceptualization, we seek to understand your needs, visions, and goals so we can have a clear picture of what you want your application to look like. Afterwards, we draw up a project brief indicating the structure of the entire app development and production process. We also start to develop the prototype soon as the client accepts the initial project brief.

The next step in developing a customized solution entails the actual design and development of the application code. Our design and development teams work collaboratively to turn your ideas to a functional product. As part of our consultative and inclusive approach, we are happy to involve the client even at this point of the product development stage.

Khaxe Studio’s iterative approach to app development allows the end user to provide us with feedback on how well the app is working to meet their needs. We are eager to work with businesses that are looking for professional and experienced developers for their bespoke app solutions.