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At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple finally revealed Metal, an API that is incorporated into the yet to be released iOS 8. Metal is designed to go beyond the present Open Graphics Library (OpenGL), the industry standard API for 3D graphics.

To be released in the fall, iOS 8 works with most of the new generation Apple devices. Importantly, the release of Metal technology will improve the efficiency of iOS gaming. Metal is essentially designed to lower OpenGL overhead, thereby allowing game developers greater access to the device’s hardware. This new technology is set to provide a ten-fold uptick in rendering efficiency.

At Khaxe, we are at the forefront of developing new and engaging games, including popular puzzle games for the upcoming iOS platform. Using iOS gaming technology we are able to:

In addition to developing games that are compatible with the latest mobile platforms, we also design and develop new generation mobile apps for small businesses. Mobile apps for small businesses are increasingly popular as they can help with productivity, time management, calendaring, note-taking, social media updates and so much more.

There are numerous apps on the market and the number is growing day by day. In fact, there are over 150,000 native apps for the iPhone and Android devices separately, and more than 500,000 cross-platform apps. Our team of developers and game designers has the expertise and experience to build custom apps and games for business. Whether you are looking for an app that will encourage user engagement or streamline business processes, we are able to develop bespoke games for gamers without being limited by publishing demands

Other than the regular mobile apps and games, we also develop gamification solutions for business. Games have been shown to boost engagement at work, improve user retention and loyalty, and more importantly help to attain business objectives.Our games are some of the top grossing on both Android and iPhone competing with the likes of Clash of Clans, Candy Crash, Game of War, Farm Heroes Sagas, just to mention a few.

We simply believe in making gaming products that will attract and retain a loyal crowd. As such, we take great interest in integrating gaming and app development models that are convenient for both our publishers and the artists alike.