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Khaxe Studios is located in Europe, with an international team of developers, designers, artists and scriptwriters. We are a fast growing, highly successful game studio that builds games for the Android and iOS devices.

Our fast-paced and agile working environment has allowed us to develop some of the most popular games, which attract over 30 million players globally each month.

Our iterative approach to designing and developing games allow each member of the team to work collaboratively to review the quality and functionality of each game. Khaxe Studios success is really hinged upon our pool of talented designers, developers, content writers and artists. We are always on the lookout for creative minds that are passionate about building games that will leave a mark.

We strongly believe that an unforgettable game is a product of creativity, artistry, storytelling and technological expertise. This means that every member of our team is very important to the production and launch of the final product.

If you are excited about the opportunity to work in a first-rate, modern and profitable game studio, then we would love to hear from you. We are open to applications from anywhere in the world, as long you have the expertise and unique creativity you will be considered for the job.

Specifically, we would love to hear from:
• Game developers
• Graphic designers
• Artists
• Script and plot writers (we are urgently looking for super creative people to write compelling story plots and scripts for us)

Although we are keen on working with experienced professionals, we would love to hear from anyone in the gaming industry who has the drive to create amazing games. It does not matter where you went to school; what matters to us is genuine talent that will influence the mobile game industry.

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