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Games can serve more than an entertainment function. Leading firms deploy games for branding and advertising purposes. Whether it is built for entertainment or for fun, the success of mobile gaming products is espoused by the users’ desire to continue playing.Khaxe is a European app and game development studio specializing in the development of games and mobile apps for different platforms including iOS, Android and Amazon.

Our games and mobile apps are built for digital platforms that enable us to distribute and update our content remotely through the Web. Many of our games are accessible through the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, PC, tablets and even on Facebook. We incorporate modern technologies into the game development process to deliver an engaging experience for the player.

Our technologies include: HTML 5, Flash, .Net, Lua, Java, Neo4j, Cucumber, Amazon Web Services. As an experienced mobile game and app developer for Android and iOs platforms, we integrate technology and fun to deliver a first-rate user experience for our players. Our team of mobile game developers, programmers and designers know how to strike a balance between the iOS and Android standards, technical opportunities and challenges, user experience and the client’s needs.

The Khaxe Studios team not only develops fun and compelling apps. We also follow up with analytics once the game goes live. Our analytics help us know whether players are enjoying the ultimate user experience. We work to continuously improve our mobile games and to develop new content that will engage players. This way, we are able to develop applications to suit different markets and segments to cater to their unique needs and nuances. Our games are versatile enough to be enjoyed by players of all ages. Come connect and compete with other players on our turn-based and multi-synchronous combat platform.


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